• propylene glycol
  • CLEANS THE SKIN AND ALSO REBUILDS IT! – Our wipes have phytosphingosine, which is a pro-ceramide with microbe-repelling properties – it helps rebuild the natural ceramides found in the skin barrier that are critical in helping keep the skin healthy. Our newly-formulated wipes also have a new ingredient – Ketoconazole – which is a proven effective method to target skin irritation. So not only do our wipes clean the skin of the bad stuff, but also actively help to rebuild the skin.
  • NON STINGING FORMULA, GREAT FOR SENSITIVE DOGS – Our wipes are alcohol-free, non-stinging, paraben-free, and made with effective ingredients like Phytosphingosine HCI and Ketoconazole. Our wipes are designed for the most sensitive-skinned and allergy-prone dogs, so they’re mild enough for daily use. Designed for dogs to create happy humans.
  • VERSATILE LARGE WIPES- These 5″x7″ dog face wipes are for more than just wrinkles! Great for an English Bulldog, French Bulldog, Pug, Frenchie or Shar-pei, or if you have a long-haired dog like a Pomeranian, Shih-tzu, or Poodle, these wipes for dogs are perfect for dog tear stains, wiping away dirt and odor from paws, bodies, and bums in between baths. Buy with confidence and keep your furry family members smelling fresh and cuddle-friendly between baths.
  • FOR MORE THAN JUST DOG WRINKLES! – While they work great for dog tear stains or angry wrinkles and dog skin folds, they also remove all of the dirt and grime that gets trapped deep down in your dog’s wrinkles, skin folds, toes or anywhere in between, causing awful odor, eye staining, and discomfort! You can use our dog face wipes on your dog’s face, paws, body, tail pocket and bottom without leaving any residue or unpleasant smells.
  • NEWLY-IMPROVED DESIGN! – We improved the packaging – [again!] – by completely reengineering our product packaging and design. New packaging features a sealing-lid canister which will help retain the additional moisture we’ve added to our product. Squishface is always dedicated to listening and improving.