• Satisfy the Chew-sader: Unleash your pup’s inner chew-master with a Bambone Plus that’ll keep their jaws busy and happy!
  • Smile-Worthy Dental Care: Chomping on this fab toy not only entertains, but also helps keep those pearly whites sparkling clean by reducing plaque and tartar buildup!
  • Playtime Bonding Bliss: Strengthen that unbreakable human-pooch bond through interactive play sessions with the Bambone Plus – endless tail wags guaranteed!
  • (3 Pack Variety Bundle) Triple the Fun: Spoil your pup with not one, but THREE Different flavored bones, offering endless chewing excitement and flavor variety for your furry friend!
  • Earth-Friendly Chew: Feel good about treating your dog to these sustainable bamboo fiber-based toys, made with renewable resources for an eco-conscious choice.
  • Bonus Magnet Magic: Sweeten the deal with a magnet included in your purchase, a paw-some addition to your dog-loving collection!