• EASY TO USE AND MESS-FREE -Unlike other brands, there’s no need to continuously squeeze the bottle when giving your dog water using our patented, one-handed water bottle. Labor-saving and simple to use, just press the middle key and the specially designed valve delivers water to the bowl. Release the key and the water returns to the virtually leak-free bottle. No more wasting water!
  • DESIGNED FOR CONVENIENCE – Our 15.2-ounce bottle easily fits into any standard car cup holder. It also comes with a sturdy lanyard that can be secured around your wrist, belt, or attached to a backpack, making it easy to carry on the go.
  • LEAK PROOF AND SAFE – Sofunii Dog Water Bottles are made of high-quality, food-grade materials and are BPA free. We don’t want our customers worrying about getting water everywhere, so we use a silica gel seal to prevent leakage.You can even give your pups water while in a vehicle without worrying about getting water in the interior of your car.
  • FILL WITH FRESH WATER FROM A TRUSTED SOURCE – Providing your dog with fresh water can help prevent health issues. Studies have shown that public water bowls and puddles may contain substances that are harmful to health.
  • UPDATED VERSION – We updated our original Sofunii Dog Water Bottle to provide you with an increased 15.2-ounce capacity, adequate for large breed dogs plus it lasts longer during walking, hiking, and road travel. It has also been redesigned with two springs to ensure that the water does not accidentally come out, does not accidentally drain back into the bottle, and that the bottle has a longer service life.