• (Pack of 2)Wrinkle Cream for Dog Rash (2oz)+Bulldog Wrinkle Wipes (50 Pads)-After playing in the backyard use our skin soother healing balm for dogs to reduce odors and clean up dirt hiding in the wrinkles of your furry friend.A skin soother for dogs with organic extracts.If there is soreness,bad odor or infections give them a rub in between their wrinkles with our dog infection cream
  • Wrinkle Cleaner for Bulldogs-Treat the wrinkles,paw balm,dog folds,and tail pockets with our dog tear stain remover&hot spot treatment for dogs.Our bulldog nose butter and dog tear stain remover wipes are here to keep your puppy wrinkles free of redness and soreness
  • English Bulldog Accessories-Add our pug dog eye wipes tear stain remover,dog balm for skin allergies,dog paw cream,paw butter balm for dogs,dog elbow butter for dogs,dog bacterial skin infection for dog,dry skin nose balm for dogs natural and dogs rash cream for belly to your english bulldog care products.Also nose butter for french bulldog eye wipes,dog eye tear stain remover,tear wipes for dogs,dog lotion for dry itchy skin,dog butt cream,dog ointment,tear stain removal for dogs
  • The Half is in the Honey-The half from our frenchie accessories is from the bees that contribute to the Manuka Honey that is used to produce your dog cream for irritated skin. The honey contains natural oils and waxes designed to be safe, effective and easy to apply to the dog itch skin treatment and infected areas of your precious pet
  • TPaH Promise-Made In the USA-At Two Pets and a Half we stand by our products and offer a full refund warranty if you experience any issues with your product. 100% customer satisfaction is what we strive for at Two Pets and a Half. Our secret is love and Manuka Honey