• SECURE AND ADJUSTABLE:The T-shaped buckle is a useful addition to the adjustable headband of a short snout dog muzzle. Once the appropriate length is adjusted, the buckle ensures a perfect fit and prevents the dog from easily removing the muzzle by itself.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN:The expansion of eye hole design in a french bulldog muzzle ensures maximum visibility without covering the eyes. The soft edges prevent damage to the dog’s skin, providing comfort and ease of use.
  • COMFORTABLE AND BREATHABLE:Soft mesh material is ideal for frenchie muzzle, as it allows better breathing and heat dissipation, promoting comfort for the pet.
  • COMPREHENSIVE PROTECTION:Full mesh coverage design is resistant to abrasion, puncture and tear, brings better protection to the dog.
  • MULTIPLE SIZES:English bulldog muzzle mesh masks come in four sizes and can be adjusted to fit dogs of all sizes, including tiny and giant breeds.