• THE FRENCH BULLDOG PUPPY: Take home your very own French Bulldog Puppy from Living Nature! This plush pet is the perfect addition to your soft toy collection. Cuddly by nature and accurate by design, collect all your favourite dogs in premium cuddly toy versions for hours of fun with your new furry friends. The puppy stands 16cm tall.
  • HIGHLY ACCURATE DETAILING: Our Frenchie soft toy dogs are beautifully crafted with accurate detailing from the fur, eyes, and features. Trimmed to perfection, your French Bulldog Puppy sports soft silver fur, big blue eyes, perky ears and the cutest wrinkly face. Our artists add shading and texture by hand for a realistic finish down to the very last detail.
  • YOUR CUDDLY CANINE COMPANION: One of the most popular dog breeds around the world, the French Bulldog, or Frenchie, is extremely lovable and cuddly, making them the ideal companion dog. Their funny personalities will keep you entertained all day long. Our French Bulldog Puppy makes a beautiful gift for dog lovers and dog owners everywhere.
  • EDUCATIONAL FACT TAGS: Our Frenchie Puppy cuddly toy comes with an educational tag so you can learn all about your favourite pup – from their behaviour, diet and even how to take care of them! Young or mature, Living Nature’s loveable French Bulldog plush is the perfect companion for animal lovers.
  • NATURLI ECO-FRIENDLY TOYS: Buying eco-friendly toys for kids can be tough but here at Living Nature, we’re committed to doing things sustainably. Our French Bulldog Puppy is made from 2 bottles of Naturli recycled post-consumer PET plastic to create the perfect dog gift for your loved one without harming Mother Earth.