• A cute novelty post surgery gift – who can resist a French Bulldog with big, innocent eyes saying “Well at least you don’t have to wear a cone”? It is an inspiring gift to tell your unwell female friends, coworkers, or families to always look at the bright side, it will definitely lift their spirits.
  • Calming lavender scent – 5% pure lavender oil, known for its naturally calming effect, the aroma helps to sooth and relax your friends, promote restful sleep and balance emotions. It’s a perfect comfort item for people going through rough times of cancer or surgery.
  • Reliable quality – crafted from hand-poured soy wax and cotton wick,the tranquille burning can last up to 50 hours, easing pain and anxious minds.
  • Gift box included – Presented in a beautiful box with a gift card where you can write down your inspiring words to cheer them up, for dog lover or for someone with a sense of humor who do not feel well, the candle is will get a much needed laugh.
  • A thought gift that lasts – Make second use of the jar when the wax runs out, add a bit more order to life by keeping paper clips, coins, pens or other small tools in it. The lovely puppy print is a constant gesture of support from friends and families.