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Wild Blue French Bulldogs is a small home-based breeder located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of North Texas. We offer various French Bulldogs in various colors, including Blue, Merle, Pied, Isabella, Lilac, and Blue Fawn.

Our Frenchies are purebred and AKC-registered. Our sweet French Bulldog puppies are raised underfoot and are exposed to everyday household activities.

We are not a kennel! Our Frenchies are our family. They sleep on our bed, lounge on the couch, get tons of playtime, and are spoiled rotten.

We do not sell to kennel breeders but will occasionally consider small, experienced home breeders. We look for families that will spoil their Frenchie puppies as much as we do.

We have limited litters every year, so please contact us to get more information and pricing to be notified when we have upcoming litters. We also share information about our breedings and available puppies on social media, so be sure to like Wild Blue French Bulldogs on Facebook and follow us on Instagram.

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Voted Best French Bulldog Breeder by HappyDoggo.com

Voted Best French Bulldog Breeder by HappyDoggo.com

Meet Our Frenchies:

Lucie Blue Fawn Mearle Frenchie


Lucie is our blue fawn merle girl out of Wild Blue’s Lola and Utopia Bully Wagyu.

She is a sweet, silly little girl and always the clown of the pack.

Her final breeding will be in the fall of 2024.

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Bijou Lilac and Tan


Bijou, our Lilac and Tan girl is a very sweet and independent girl who loves to voice her opinion.

She comes to us from Texas Elite Frenchies. She is out of ABKC Champion Ootbs Luther and TX Elite Mia.

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Esme - New Shade Isabella Merle French Bulldog


Esmé is our New Shade Isabella Merle girl out out of  Mr World Famous and LLEF- Coleman’s Pearl

She is a sweet puppy and we are excited to watch her grow!

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Clair Blue and Tan Frenchie


Clair is a Bijou x Beaux daughter. She is a beautiful Blue and Tan that carries testable and Coco.

Clair is Co-Owned with Chris at Wild Blue Lubbock 

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Penelope Blue Fawn Fluffy Carrier


Penelope is a blue fawn fluffy carrier. Her Mom is Chloe and Dad Lee La Shay’s Patriot.

She is sweet and has her Mom’s soulful eyes.

She is Co Own with Whitney at  Fancy Frenchies

We hope to have beautiful full fluffy Frenchies in the future

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Envie comes to us from Lee La Shay Elite Frenchies. She is the daughter of Mr World Famous

We are excited to have the privilege to add her to our program and can wait to see how she develops.

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Circé comes to us from Lee La Shay Elite Frenchies.

She is a chocolate merle with an impressive pedigree!

She is the daughter of Mr Envy

We are excited to have the privilege to add her to our program and Co- Own her with Fancy Frenchies

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Farrah is the daughter or Chloe and Mr Unique from LLEF.

She is a blue fawn pied that carries both chocolate and is also Coco.

Farrah is a sweet, funny lovable little girl just like her Mom and Grandmother Lola.

We are happy to have another Pied in our pack and cannot wait to see what she adds to our program

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Fiona is Lola’s daughter and our Blue Merle. Fiona loves to play and likes when the other girls chase her. She is smart and loves to cuddle. Fifi, as we call her, has the best personality and a sweet demeanor.

Fiona is retired and will live the rest of her days lounging on our couch!

Chloe Blue Fawn French Bulldog


Chloe is our blue fawn girl out of our own Wild Blue’s Lola and Texas Elite Chewy.

Chloe is retired and will be looking for the perfect retirement home As an only dog or with a neutered male.

Lola Blue Pied French Bulldog


Lola is retired but will be staying with us. Her girls, Fiona,Chloe and Lucie will continue the “Lola lines”.

Bella Blue French Bulldog


Bella has retired and living her best life as an only dog!


Cash - Blue Frenchie

“One year ago today, we brought Cash home with us. We love him soooooo much. Thank you!”

Cash - Blue FrenchieRyan W., Cash
Petunia Pied Frenchie

“Followed the breeder and waited for the puppies to arrive. I was sent pictures and felt so close. I waited not so patiently to fly to Santa Fe to pick her up. The breeder brought her to me in Santa Fe and gave us a ride back to the airport. We were in Instant love. She is a secure, healthy, adventurous Frenchie, and in the two weeks she has been in our family has been the best.”

Petunia Pied FrenchieCindy P., Petunia
Latte The Frenchie

“We absolutely LOVE our Latte, she’s SUCH A DIVA!!!”

Latte The FrenchieChris Shannon S., Latte
Miso - Blue Fawn

“Our baby, Miso, is now 4 months old and he is perfect! We are so grateful that we found Wild Blue. Thank you!”

Miso - Blue FawnNora K., Miso

French Bulldogs for Sale

If you’re looking for a french bulldog puppy for sale in Texas, we provide a professional and fun experience. Our puppies are bred to be cute and intelligent and are raised to have the best personalities and temperament. We are committed to delivering the very best Frenchie puppies you can find in the North Texas, Dallas/Fort Worth area, with the highest level of care and affection.